We are excited to bring you one of a kind designs by collaborating with artists from all over the world including Mister Phil (a well-known musician), Mika Besfamilnaya (world class ballerina) and Dan Jazzia who has been featured on platforms like “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon". These are artists we’ve been following for years and are inspired by their self-expression and life outside the mold. We enable our customers to do the same. We aren’t satisfied until our customers feel connected again; so pick the art that resonates with you and support the artist who created it!

Mister Phil

Mister Phil is an artist who specializes in creating lively and fun-filled images for a variety of purposes. He has worked on branding, murals, clothing, pattern design, album covers, live events, painted sculptures, and vinyl installations, among other things. If you can think of an application, he can create art for it! Mister Phil's work is characterized by its bold patterns. Whether you're looking for something eye-catching and attention-grabbing or simply want some fun and personality, Mister Phil is the artist for you.

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Dario Genuardi

Barcelona-based freelance illustrator and graphic designer, Dario Genuardi, lives the nomadic lifestyle many of us dream of. Taking to the road in his Airstream, he wanders from beach to trail in search of local skate, surf, and hiking communities - all the while feeding his insatiable sense of adventure. This adventurous informs his whimsical and playful artistic style, which has earned him a sizeable following among art collectors.

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Uzbek Heem

Uzbek Heem is an artist of odd sorts. He's a bit of a mystery, as no one has ever seen him but everyone knows who he is. He's sort of like a yeti. His art is strange and often doesn't make sense, but that's what makes it so great. He once made a sculpture out of old toasters and used it as a boundary marker for his property. He's always doing something new and exciting, and you never know what he'll do next. He's a true eccentric, so if you're ever feeling bored or need some excitement in your life, just keep an eye out for Uzbek Heem. You never know what he'll do next.

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Mika Besfamilnaya

Mika Besfamilnaya is an artist who uses a variety of mediums to express her creative vision. She is equally at home working with clay, sculptures, and digital art as she is with music and photography. Her love of nature and the outdoors is evident in her artwork, which often features natural settings and wildlife. Whether she is capturing the beauty of a flower or the majesty of a mountain, Mika's artwork always tells a story. 

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